An English Medium Residential Senior Secondary School for Boys at Nainital. Affiliated to CBSE. Member of IPSC. Estd. 1947


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Admission is granted in classes IV to IX and XI depending upon the vacancies for the session commencing from March. No admissions are made to classes X and XII. Provisional admission to the class XI is made on the basis of Pre-Board result of the new entrant, which is confirmed only after the Board's result. The admission of a boy is valid only up to class X and for class XI he will have to seek fresh admission, which is selective and subject to the discretion of the principal. It will depend on the general conduct and performance of the boy during his stay in the school.

The school does not accept any donations for admission.


All new entrants shall have to produce transfer certificate from the school last attended within a period of 15 days of their joining the school. They are also required to produce a medical certificate to the effect that they are free from all contagious and infections diseases and are otherwise physically fit enough to be admitted to a residential school. A student would be sent home if found medically unfit later or is unable to take part in games and other co-curricular activities. The school fee will not be refunded in such cases. The parents have to give a written undertaking to this effect.


For details please refer to the Fee Schedule enclosed with the prospectus. The school fee includes charges payable towards tuition, boarding and lodging, Statement of account showing details of personal expenses is sent to the guardian at the end of each term and the balance is carried over to the next term. If the instalments of the school fee are not paid within due dates, a penalty @ Rs.5/- per day is levied. If the instalment of school fee and penalty due is not paid within 30 days, the parent may be asked to withdraw his child/children. Payments should be made to the school by Pay Orders/ demand-drafts drawn in favour of ‘Birla Vidyamandir, Nainital’ on a bank at Nainital. The dues payable are always to be deposited in the school office with the cashier. Payment by insured cover is not accepted.


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Guardians who wish to withdraw their wards at the end of a term have to give a two months notice preceding the commencement of the next term, failing which they have to pay the full fee. Students withdrawn during the middle of a term will be required to pay the fee of the whole term. In case of new admissions, if a student is withdrawn within 15 days of the date of joining the school, half of the tuition fee of that term stands forfeited. For a stay beyond 15 days in the school, no claim for the refund of tuition fee is entertained. A transfer certificate is issued only after all dues have been paid in full.    

Refund of amount, lying in credit or as caution money, is made through an account payee cheque after obtaining an application and also a pre-receipt from the parents at the end of the term in which a student is withdrawn. The caution money is refunded after the accounts for the year have been audited.


Ordinarily, no leave is granted during the term and should not be asked for except under very special circumstances. Leave for religious functions and marriages should be avoided to the utmost possible extent. Where it is absolutely necessary, home leave for two days, excluding the journey days, may be granted. In case of the marriage of real brothers and sisters or of parents’ brothers and sisters leave may be granted if applied for in advance, accompanied by the printed invitation card. Leave for two days, exclusive of journey days may also be sanctioned to offer condolences to immediate relatives. Normally, no leave is granted during the examinations.

If a student remains absent without information for a week or so after the monsoon break, vacations or expiry of home leave, his name will be struck off the rolls. If due to unforeseen circumstances a student is not able to join the school on the due date the school dues for the term should in no case be held up. An application for such leave must accompany the draft as per the demand note.


Guardians are advised not to give valuable articles like costly watches, tape-recorders, transistors, cameras, pagers, mobiles etc to their wards when they come to the school. The school does not take any responsibility for the loss of such valuables. Keeping electronic gadgets is not allowed. Guardians are requested not to send any food parcels/packets to their wards.


Housemasters ensure that all the students of their House write home every week and that the letters are posted every Monday. In all correspondence with the school, parents must mention the boy’s number, class and house.


Telephonic requests for allowing the boys to visit the town in order to see the guardians/visitors are not entertained. In order to guard against impersonation leave request are to be made either in person or in writing. Overnight leave to stay with parents is allowed only on the second Saturday of the month, subject to school programme.

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